Mysteries, Sagas, Asking Right Questions (how do you find what is missing) | Wisdom Live Podcast

This update contains a live audio broadcast on the Wisdom App where the founder of this website gave an introduction to who we are, how we think and why we exist. That program was uploaded as a new podcast episode which you can find linked below. If you are not yet following our podcast, pleaseContinue reading “Mysteries, Sagas, Asking Right Questions (how do you find what is missing) | Wisdom Live Podcast”

Reactivation, Recalibration & Resurrections

Have you ever tried something new. Was it a big project like a business or just a personal hobby. How did it go. If a business, were there any unforeseen speed bumps. What happened then. Did it all come to a crashing halt. Was there anything about it that involved timing. And… that you gotContinue reading “Reactivation, Recalibration & Resurrections”

Untangling the Wires: Risk the Weight

Shall we play a game… It’s one of strategy. There’s a little risk involved. Maybe some double thinking. Maybe there’s an adversary. On the other end of the table. Or maybe it’s just another player. Someone like you. Let’s suppose it’s not just a game. Let’s suppose this is your life. The board is reality.Continue reading “Untangling the Wires: Risk the Weight”

Innovation Beneath The Surface: The Ethos of Pursuit

Let’s go on a little journey. This is a journey of asking questions. Exploring new or old territory but now with a different type of map. Viewing with a different perspective. Perhaps, a call to remember how it once was for each of us – naturally. Until things crept in and made us different. LetContinue reading “Innovation Beneath The Surface: The Ethos of Pursuit”