Travel Bits

After surviving the last few posts about mirrors and exchanges and wishes and islands, there’s a very logical next block. We’re going somewhere of course. And the course is critical. Like navigating. By air or sea. Charts, angles, routes, terrain. Stars, magnets, calculating and recalculating (the most important part).

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What’s in a number? Is it a year. A four digit passcode. A street address. Or the last four of your phone number. Maybe it’s a price tag. In which place would you put the decimal. Maybe it’s the universal secret for the coefficient of dark energy dispersal across a spherical volume of space at […]

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In Search Of Mirrors

Did you read our last piece? A little dark perhaps. Intentionally. So many questions!! AHHHHRRGG!! Well… like we say here, we ask them endlessly because most others do not. So let’s be more simple here this time. By the way, did you realize, this IS a science and tech website. If all this seems out […]

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The Exchange

One’s help is another’s hindrance. The butterfly. Empathy often misguided. Wrong thought process. Wrong values. Wrong view of the principles of success. Too low. Too… human. Common sense, they say. Logic. Input equals output (so they think). No such thing as “over unity”. So they say.

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