The Search

What’s a story worth. The punchline begs the history. How did we get here. What was the inspiration behind it all. We all have a story. And this one is unique. There were wars and struggles and steep climbs and tests. New things to learn. Old things to throw out. Upgrades and downsizes and winding paths.

What’s a picture worth. Images and scenarios that run through the mind. They seem like nonsense to many. But not us. Ours are worth billions. Yours could be too. We had to learn a new language. Had to do a ton of research. And confronted our biases and errors. Wasn’t so fun at times. But the outcome proved the process. We hope that will always remain.

Why the odd style. Why so many ellipses. They are a bit like physics. Rare you find a circular orbit, almost never a straight line. More oblong shaped paths. What’s in the center of them. It’s a funny manner of speech. Tell without telling. Give the periphery but never the center. Make you think. Make you ask those questions that we learned to ask. If you arrive at the wrong conclusion, you miss the boat. We could have landed there as well. Something kept us on track. Someone brought us the answers we needed.

A New Realm

If you really want to know what is behind all this, here on Blue Cube Rocket. There is an origin story. It might not be what you think. It will confront you just as it did to us. Some will react. Others will be amazed. We did it first. We lived it first. We try to keep it that way.

You will need to learn a new language. A new set of principles. May have to overturn the ones you thought you knew. Start over. From zero. SO DID WE. That’s what got us here. But many refuse (oh well). Some destinations only have one path. Some are too valuable to play games with. It changed us. A very big transformation took place. Out of it came our story.

If you want to sign up for that process, use the button below. It’s the “red pill”. Or you can stay blue. What was that show… they kept saying it… “this is the way”. And so it is. Here. This is where it all came from. Now you will know. All the riddles and ellipses and hints are explained. You might not like it. What it exposes. Staying in the dark never benefits anyone. It didn’t with us either. “Let there be light”. Now.

If you take the advice, you will see the results. Some sooner than others. But you will see them. We have proof. The choice is yours (as always). But we wanted you to have the real story of the origin. Ours. Thank you for stopping by!

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

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