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We Really Need To Ask A Few Questions

We would like to know a few things. We have a very hard time believing what we are seeing as we look around at so-called “modern technology”. We are very perplexed by all the money being dumped into mega projects that use long-since outdated propulsion methods to take us off-planet. We have a few questions…

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New Energy Science: A Mystery Of Compartmentalization

If you’re following the energy tech news, it seems there’s no shortage of new apparent breakthroughs or new scientific models that have entirely new results and new theories of how the universe really works. Some of these are very intriguing and seems like one or many of them should be breaking into the mainstream any…

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A Wish Upon The Stars

Curious aren’t they. Shiny points far away. Mysterious. They go around and around. Some shoot. Some pass by. Some have a tail. Or a tale. A sign. They change with the seasons. Sometimes they predict. A story they tell. We saw them once. They spoke, but by a code. They answered a wish.

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May The Space Be With You

If you’re on this website (you are), it’s redundant to ask if you’ve heard about the new Space Force. Everyone knows. It’s on the Galactic Times front page, translated in many languages and glyphs. Almost every day now. There’s many fan pages and social media accounts dedicated to the cause. The mass is definitely gathering…

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Puzzle Time

What are puzzles. Not the kind you put on a table. With a big picture. Nope. That other sort. Lots of pieces. Lots of time. Lots of research. The bigger it is, the harder it is. A mystery to solve. Filtering. Investigating. Dot and line drawings. How to know what it will be.

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What’s in a number? Is it a year. A four digit passcode. A street address. Or the last four of your phone number. Maybe it’s a price tag. In which place would you put the decimal. Maybe it’s the universal secret for the coefficient of energy dispersed across a spherical volume of space at zero-point.

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In Search Of Mirrors

Did you read our last piece? A little dark perhaps. Intentionally. So many questions!! AHHHHRRGG!! Well… like we say here, we ask them endlessly because most others do not. So let’s be more simple here this time. By the way, did you realize, this IS a science and tech website. If all this seems out…

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