Space Energy Invention: Tech Design Complete – Official Announcement

We have, for the first time since the beginning of this website, a significant update regarding the energy and space tech invention saga. Included in this update is a short podcast and written account of the news…

Finally – The Design

8 years ago, the primary author for this website was initiated into the search for a discovery that would change the world. It was the answer to a question that begged for the missing purpose to his life (mine). Perhaps you have picked up on the clues and elliptical speech found in our blogs to date and guessed there was something unusual going on(?) At least we hope you did.

The clues to the answer to this quest came in a most unusual and hard to decipher form (as we wrote about here). What followed was a very long (and at times very unpleasant) period of time where many clues came in and personal resources went to zero (as we tried to convey here). For almost 8 years, we gathered many astonishing clues about a personal calling and purpose that defied the wildest imagination. But it was only recently that those clues turned into a solid and exact design for the device we knew was “soon coming to earth…”

Our update today is the official announcement that there is coming a technology device that will do exactly as we say. It will “change life as you know it and make science fiction movies become reality.” This is no hype. Many others have boasted a coming technology that evaporated into thin air without explanation. Ours is not so. Partly because of the source of our design; partly because of the reason for it.

The Reasons Matter

As we have tried to communicate on more than one occasion, the world has been under the stranglehold or very evil people who have kept the world in repression with fraudulent wars, illegal banking schemes, illegitimate governments, human trafficking, SRA and much more. We know about all that. We know what they are called (past and present). What we have now is a divine design for a device that will overthrow them and bring a global renaissance.

But that is not what put us on this path. The author of this website (me), asked a very simple question over a decade ago upon hearing the story of a man everyone knows by a fictional name. Nicholas of Patara. The Bishop of Myra. Saint Nicholas. Have you read our post where we explained this? It was a simple prayer (ask and it shall be given).

The request was not for self but for others. For those who had not. What we learned was that when you ask the right questions, with the right motivation, you WILL get an answer. And more importantly, when you ask the RIGHT person, the answer comes accordingly. And when that answer comes, put your seat belt on because what is about to happen next will change everything you ever thought you knew.

The True Source

As it did here. And so today, after 8 years of searching and deciphering, we have the full details of the tech design that came to us exactly in the same manner as the Ark came to Noah. Exactly. Yes, we are a real life modern Bible story playing out before your eyes. Some may have been following us, not realizing what we are or where this was going. Or the true source of this invention we’ve kept hinting at. Now it should make sense. And probably startle more than a few people.

  • So what is this device and what will it do?
  • What is the source of energy and how will it be used?

Is this the long awaited “fusion breakthrough”? No (that was already accomplished in 1971). We are not making a reactor. We are definitely not creating more waste. What we have is more or less straight out of the most popular movies (as we have repeatedly discussed). And it has never been done before. It looks like nothing we know of already in existence (except in movies).

What movies portray as completed devices or space mysteries, we have the design to build. Movies make these things out to be mystical, with science unknown. But we have the science and we have the design. It is not the science we were taught in school (which is why they are so limited). As we have been saying…

Right science, right models, right theories leads to unlimited potential.

That is what we have been given. By the One who knows all and created all, the three in one, the One who calls Himself “I am” and gave the world a gift, should they receive Him. This is not the product of mysticism or “forbidden knowledge”. NO. This came to us in a context much larger than just for personal acclaim and definitely not for self-promotion.

This came to us as a mission to be accomplished. One that would carry with it the knowledge of Truth the world is sorely lacking. And it will bring with it the same challenge and confrontation that came to the receiver of it.

Who’s Side?

If you are willing, you can follow us and join our effort. We cannot, of course, disclose the details. The patent will be coming and the same laws protecting intellectual property will cover us as well. But we need to say it again, in due time, you will see the results. Your life will change and the real science behind this will be publicized to the extent we are able.

For those who are in the aforementioned list of “tower builders” who have kept the world in repression and want to be part of this, we have a word for you: “repent“. We will, under no conditions, be part of those who are the perpetrators of all evil in the world, especially those who swore oaths under a counterfeit “G”.

You can find out much more about who we are in the origin story linked on our homepage.

Origin Story & Podcast

Blue Cube Rocket has achieved a major milestone by the completion of a tech design that will change the world and bring in a global renaissance. We have an “origin story”, which you can find linked on our home page which tells a much more in-depth testimony behind how all this came into reality.


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  1. […] That is what our device does. It taps the source and utilizes the energy in a way never done before. The difference between our device, as previously stated, is that it comes primarily from outside the realm of known science. The design itself came to us from beyond what is humanly known and was given in a manner not seen in thousands of years (ask Moses and Noah). […]


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