The Stage is Set: Energy Breakthrough is Coming

There has been a private research project ongoing behind the scenes and below the radar for several years, unknown to most everyone in the science and technology arena.¬†Blue Cube Rocket has been set up as the “landing site” for the release of news regarding an upcoming energy technology breakthrough. This site is an initial template and content will be added sporadically. Exact date of release for specifics on the new tech is not ready for posting just yet. In the meantime, this site will be used for random updates that may be of interest to casual passersby.

It’s Official: Blue Cube Rocket Has Now Launched

Hello again! This is now the official website launch announcement for Blue Cube Rocket. We are now in the process of monitoring all “flightpath” activities which have been listed in the previous two pre-launch posts. Here’s what has happened and what’s going on right now: