So You’ve Been Wondering…

Just to clear things up. Yes. We’re one of those. One of what?! The kind that uses their brain. That does not accept the shallow, surface-only belief in what they want you to think. You know what we mean. False medicine. False science. False news. False beliefs. Lies that tower builders want you to believe.Continue reading “So You’ve Been Wondering…”

Tech Upgrade: Re-engineering An EV

If you read our last piece, you might be thinking we took aim at a certain EV auto maker. Not exactly. In fact, being in the energy tech realm, we are very heavily focused toward electric vehicles as the way of the future. We had a different reason for a couple comments but today’s discussionContinue reading “Tech Upgrade: Re-engineering An EV”

The Obvious Next Tech Breakthrough…

If you follow either the technology or aviation news, you have definitely been seeing an increasing number of headlines about flying cars. It’s not really a new idea. You can see photos and sketches of various designs going back many years now. BUT… all of them still have the same basic design.

Truth Is Strange, But Fiction Was Never Fiction Either

Today we are writing an email to a friend in the form of a short article. Actually, this is the sort of thing I do often enough that I just need to post it here one time and then send everyone to read my answer. Blogs are good at that. Answer the same question oneContinue reading “Truth Is Strange, But Fiction Was Never Fiction Either”

Oh Gravity!

It’s a mystery. Mainstream science still can’t tell us what it is. But there’s an alt-theory that is beginning to make a ton of sense (pardon the misuse of a term). What’s the matter with it anyway? The masses can’t reconcile the results. Something amiss. Very. It’s in the equation. How did science become runContinue reading “Oh Gravity!”

The Sun: Cosmic Electric Lightbulb Or Fusion Ball? (When Beliefs Collide With Facts)

Continuing our study into how the universe works, we’ve turned our attention recently in the direction of our sun and discovered there is extensive material available about a model of its operation that is totally at odds with what mainstream science tells us. In the process of approaching all this with an open mind, we’veContinue reading “The Sun: Cosmic Electric Lightbulb Or Fusion Ball? (When Beliefs Collide With Facts)”

Re-investigating Cosmic Theories: Scientific Fact Or Unsubstantiated Myth?

We’ve been on a journey of discovery that’s leading to a major technology breakthrough. But the funny thing is, we are neither scientist nor engineer nor astronomer or any of those types. Yes, we have a decent basic understanding of those subjects from our university days but we do not posses an academic specialization inContinue reading “Re-investigating Cosmic Theories: Scientific Fact Or Unsubstantiated Myth?”

Quantum Myths: The Entangling Theory

Well this is a bit odd, isn’t it. A w k w a r d anyone?? Not to mention very confusing. But not at all surprising. Who would have known. Now what. Rewrite all the movie and tv show scripts. Go back in time about a hundred years and start all over. Throw it allContinue reading “Quantum Myths: The Entangling Theory”

Vision: Engine-ering Redesign Of Propulsion Tech

As you may know by now, we are telling a story one step at a time of a global energy technology breakthrough that will change the entire world. There will be many applications for this new tech and because we have a very big interest in aviation, we thought this would be a perfect timeContinue reading “Vision: Engine-ering Redesign Of Propulsion Tech”

New Energy Science: A Mystery Of Compartmentalization

If you’re following the energy tech news, it seems there’s no shortage of new apparent breakthroughs or new scientific models that have entirely new results and new theories of how the universe really works. Some of these are very intriguing and seems like one or many of them should be breaking into the mainstream anyContinue reading “New Energy Science: A Mystery Of Compartmentalization”

Time Travel & Energy: Suppose The Assumptions Are Missing Something

Today we had the thought to re-examine what seems to be a very commonly held assumption about the subject of time travel. Just from movies and scientific articles, it seems this is not so obscure a topic. Especially in recent times. Seriously – why is everyone so obsessed with time travel? They really are! ButContinue reading “Time Travel & Energy: Suppose The Assumptions Are Missing Something”

UFO’s: East vs West vs Up (Did We All Miss This?)

UFOs have reached a point of societal momentum. Relatively few are still in doubt about their existence. Ok… Not that all believe. Not that all agree. But it’s at the point where you have to deny the sun and moon to still flatly reject the circumstantial evidence. After several years of looking into all this,Continue reading “UFO’s: East vs West vs Up (Did We All Miss This?)”

The Tesseract? Spinning Required

Who needs asteroids. Big rocks from outer space. Good movie plots. Launch a nuke and save the planet. Maybe (physics does not support). But we don’t need space threats. We’ve outdone the cosmic slingshot. Ultron was onto something. The asteroid won’t be needed. We forgot. Ever since the atomic breakthrough, someone has been itching to prove its true raw power.

Galactic Transport

Travel much? I have. It used to be places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, a few others. But then some farther away like Europe and the Middle East. Work, fun, sightseeing. Ski trips. Castles. Diplomatic engagements. Normal adventures, really. But there are more distant locations you can go as well. Been there also. The stuff ofContinue reading “Galactic Transport”

Inspiration In The Night: Collecting Gems

Suppose you wanted inspiration. Not limited to any particular topic. Maybe a life pursuit or maybe something less colossal. Maybe you just need a new focus, a new productive task to begin. Maybe a creative diversion. Something that might end a lot bigger than it started (who knows?) Or maybe you’re a scientist looking forContinue reading “Inspiration In The Night: Collecting Gems”